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I wanted to take a few minutes today and reach out to you with an important message.

These are trying times. While Covid-19 is a curse on humanity, it is also causing a devastating impact on our economy and our businesses.

Thanks to COVID-19, we have all become telephone sales and marketing organizations, whether we like it or not.

All of our businesses have become inherently dependent on collaboration technologies such as GoToMeeting, Skype, Zoom, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. but communicating virtually brings a whole new set of personal and social interaction challenges.

Last year’s sales processes have quickly become outdated. The ones that still work are being stretched, pulled and stressed in ways that nobody had ever anticipated.

The old business proverb remains true to this very day.


So, the MILLION DOLLAR question is?

Why TW3?

First, I’m an entrepreneur/business owner and don’t like working for somebody else. I like being my own boss and running my own show. The ability to do my own thing my way is a big part of who I am.

TW3 was the piece of my corporate puzzle that I was missing. I needed a Lead Generation System to bring a flood of qualified leads and products to my front door. It’s worked better than I ever thought possible.

If you’re looking for a work-from-home business, TW3 is just about perfect for these times. It focuses on the things that all businesses need to survive – KEEPING THEIR EXISTING CLIENTS AND BRINGING IN NEW CLIENTS.

Traditional media, such as Radio, TV and Newspapers, no longer have the clout that they used to. Their monopoly has gone by the wayside because it’s not really that effective. Expensive – yes, Effective – no.

Business owners have 3 real choices today.

First is Hope and Pray. You’d be surprised how many businesses open their doors having given zero thought as to how they will acquire customers. Restaurants and Car Dealers are notorious for having people come into their establishments and then let them leave without any attempt whatsoever to capture any follow-up information.

Second, is to hire a marketing company to drive leads to them. This is like the choices of yesteryear. It’s both expensive and ineffective. The companies compile a list of likely prospects and sell the same leads over and over to a number of different companies. The problem here is that prospects are hounded from all directions making these leads just about worthless.

The choice behind door number 3 is Do-It-Yourself (DIY). The TW3 DIY method produces better quality leads at a much more affordable price – literally pennies on the dollar. The TW3 lead generation software is affordable and literally pays for itself in the first 90 days.

The process for business is simple – invest in the software – pay attention during training – follow the instructions that we give you – then let the system do what it does best – bring in qualified prospects to.

TW3 is an incredible income opportunity. It comes packed with proven strategies and a 90-Day Money Made Guarantee (be sure to ask me about it). So, if you’re looking for a work-from-home business or simply a job to offset the damage suffered by the Covid-19 outbreak so far this year, take a minute to learn more: Click The Box Below For Information or give me a call at (470) 719-2290 to learn how I am using the TW3 system and how you can adopt it for you and your business.

To your continued success.

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