Hey there –

Unless you have been on Mars or under a rock, you know that the world is in a pretty serious situation right now. President Trump, Congress and the media are doing their best to make a bad situation even worse.

My guess is that you have been negatively impacted in more ways than one.

Now is not the time to call retreat!

It’s not the time to stop investing in yourself and if you own a business, cutting back on your marketing efforts. It’s time to pull up your britches and take charge of your future.

It is time, however, time to adapt.

If you were planning to meet someone face-to-face, change it to a virtual event.

If you’re doing in-person meetings with clients, consider switching to virtual meetings. You should be doing these anyway because they can be highly effective when done the right way.

I’ll have lots more to say as time goes on, but right now it’s time to get serious about becoming a virtual advisor. I’ve spent most of my adult life making a living on the telephone selling “big” ticket items.

I’ve also been doing public seminars (live and online) for more than 10 years.

BTW, for those stuck on the sidelines understand this – TW3 is having a banner month. We’re onboarding new members at all levels every day.

The reason – people realize that there is a better way to make a living – and they are taking COVID-19 lemons and making lemonade.

Special Incentive:

For those who onboard with us (me and TW3-Marketing) at the Sales Rep/Trainer, Plus or Elite level during April, you’ll not only get Terry’s training package, but I’ll throw in my extended training package for free. I’ll train you to become a sales superstar both over the phone and online.

I normally charge $597-$997 for this extended training, but it’s yours for free – if you act now. I only have 10 training slots open and once they’re taken – they are gone. So – you’ve got to act now – before it’s too late.

The bottom line is this:

We’re entrepreneurs, we’ve overcome adversity before. We’ll get through this together and we’ll survive and thrive. Your future isn’t in the hands of the people who sent you home to sit and wait out this pandemic. It’s in your hands.

The question is … what are you going to do?

To get started – pick up the phone and CALL ME – (678) 719-2290.

To your success,