Is Fear Holding You Back?

TW3 Marketing Is Fear Holding You Back

One thing I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is fear and the role it plays in our businesses.

Specifically how fear affects the decisions we make.

I want you to take a second and ask yourself…

How many times have you put off taking a risk in your business because you’re afraid of failure?

How many times have you not called someone just because you have a fear of rejection?

How often have you put off hiring a business coach because you’re afraid you don’t have enough time or money?

How often have you put off creating a course because you’re afraid that you don’t have the knowledge to be teaching other people.

You’re not alone. To be totally honest with you, I’ve experienced all of these things. And every single time in my life that I’ve let fear get in my way, I’ve regretted it.

Now I make it a habit that when I’m about doing something—or not doing something—I ask myself:

Am I making this decision out of fear?

Or am I making the decision out of inspiration and the knowledge it will help me grow.

If you’re afraid to take chances in your business, no matter how big or how small, you could end up missing out on huge growth.

Fear is a normal part of being an entrepreneur. The point is you shouldn’t let fear STOP you. You should let fear PUSH you forward.

I’ve learned a lot of things over the years, but some of the most meaningful experiences I’ve had in my life have come from looking fear in the face and saying, “NOPE, not today.”

It’s doing things in spite of the fear that allows you to grow.

It’s doing things in spite of the fear that allows you to change people’s lives for the better.

It’s doing things in spite of the fear that allows you to generate more revenue for your business.

Ask yourself: are you letting fear hold YOU back?

Bobby Christy

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