This is an MLM?

No it is not. This is a direct sales RMP, and consulting business. MLM’s and NW businesses comp plans by definition are structured by layers of account activity. They also require an investment to join which ours does not.


WHY THE $97?

The product you are purchasing is a software, site and system that has to be hosted on a server, updated, and developer and license fees to be paid. The $97 per month covers this cost. Buy the ELT Package and after 2 sales this fee is covered.



No. What you are buying is an all-digital product, tools and training. Once a purchase is made our vendors are paid. Therefore, we can not offer refunds. We do offer a Sales Affiliate position to start for FREE. This is also to protect us from nefarious actors trying to rip us off.



No – it is not. You don’t have to buy anything to start with us. You only have to invest in our system if you want to be a trainer. You can’t train on something you don’t own, not know how to do yourself. You can always start as a Sales Affiliate for free.



We have an A-Rating with the BBB. We are not a member, so we didn’t pay for the rating. There has been ONLY 1 complaint since 2010. The complaint was overturned by the site it was filed on. (ripoffreport). This business is named after its owner – Terry Wilson – which is not a great way to dodge problems if it was a scam.



Not really. It can be as simply as answering a phone and reading a script. You dictate what and how you use the various tools, software and systems.



Your payment covers the cost of software and systems. Your admin fees cover the hosting, license and support. However, certain tools like the dialer and bulk emailer have usage fees. Look at the rate though. Without owning the system, you would pay 900% more in the case of the dialer and not have the data.