TW3 Marketing Advanced Marketing AppEd:

Great talking with you Saturday. We have a lot in common and I truly believe that you can be more than successful as part of the TW3 team. Your experience and work ethic will be an inspiration to everyone and I can’t wait to work with you.

Here are a couple of pages you likely haven’t seen.

  1. This is a short video that Terry had with a rough and tumble prospect. A show me the money type. It gives you a glimpse behind the curtain as to the capabilities of the software.
  2. Next up is a comparison vs the competition.
  3. Why TW3
  4. This link will take you to my website. Just about all of the information needed to make a decision can be found in these pages.

I’ll touch base with you later today.

Last thing, if we can get you started at the Elite level, I’ll throw in 100 “bizop” leads and help you close them so that we can get you on the fast track earnings path out of the box.

All the best,